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#WeBlogSummer – An Introduction!

Hello Everyone!

This Monday begins a new feature of the duration of the Summer on Bronaghs Beauty and Books, and that is #WeBlogSummer ! This project was set up by the lovely Sophia. It will be running throughout the summer months and will be posted each Monday at 7PM!


This week is introduction posts, so you guys can learn more about the project and what to expect over the next few weeks!
This project is all about interacting with new bloggers, and seeing how different blog interpret different posting titles, we will all be given the same topics to discuss, but it is extremely likely that a lot of the posts will vary in what details they give and their own writing style!

This weeks I am going to be telling you 5 things I am excited about this summer! So here we go;

1. Beach Days!

I love my days out to the beach and because I live soo close to one, its only about half an hours walk from my front door! This is very much on the cards for when the weather picks up again.

2. Family days out.

Family time is super important to me, and as I am planning to move in with my partner soon, I really am spending a lot more time with my family. My mother and I are just back from an overnight trip and already planning our next one!

3. Barbecues!

Again, this has to wait for the weather to pick up too as it completely stinks over here at the moment (hello again rain) but when its nice, my family buy a disposable barbecue and we cook on it! My favourite barbecued food is sausages, closely followed by burgers, but after my post on Saturday, I’ve been given the wonderful idea of another food to try, Pizza! Thanks to the wonderful Lifestylebites3 for the idea!


4. Discovering new places.

I go to a lot of new places with my partner, and the summer is the best time to really explore the area I live in and the rest of the country. I live in Ireland, and as it isn’t too big, its pretty easy to plan out long day trips or weekends away, and I want to do that as much as possible this year.


I had to add this as I am so excited about this! Belsonic is a music festival that runs in Belfast year year in August. I’m going to see All Time Low and Twenty One Pilots on Wednesday 26th August! I’m already so excited and I have my outfit planned! Don’t worry, I’ll take loads of pictures to show you guys afterwards!

During the course of #WeBlogSummer I’d love to make some new friends and maybe even find new ways to network with bloggers! I love getting to take part in the blogging community and I love the idea of this project as it will be a lovely way to get to know a few other bloggers and I’ll learn more about networking!

Also if any of you guys want to know more or get involved yourselves, pop over to MyDogBlog09 on Twitter, and she should be able to assist you with anything you need. You can also comment down below and I’ll try to help you as much as I can!

If you would like to see a few of the other people who are taking part in #WeBlogSummer ‘s posts, you can view some by clicking on any of the links below ;

Jayde Danielle (twitter), The Lifestyle Blogger (twitter), and Hazelnut Musings (twitter).

I’ve also included their twitter links next to them, so you guys can check them out there too!

So there is my first post for #WeBlogSummer ! Keep your eye out next Monday for part two which is about Summer Holidays!
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